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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we received many questions with regards to why ISF were still fully operating. We discovered that whilst those working within our industry knew the importance of us maintaining production, the general public did not.

Thus, we decided it was important to show people exactly what it is that we do here at ISF. We created the following short film in order to clarify our role in the national food chain:

Effectively, without ISF, the feed mills that produce animal feed would not be able to operate. ISF provide machinery and a service to the Animal feed milling industry, working with large international feed mills as well as smaller domestic mills. Feed mills use various ingredients from farms such as wheat, barley, Soya, Maize, beans, peas to name a few.

ISF provide intake systems for raw materials coming into the feed mills from the farms or merchants.

In the feed mill, various blends of products are produced from basic meals to various sizes of pellets or rolls; these are either pressed or extruded at high temperatures to eliminate any bacteria. Fish feed is a special product as certain fish feed from the bed, some on the surface and some midway between.

Finished products from the Feed mills (Ruminant, Pig, Poultry) are then sent back out to farmers or producers of animals to feed the Cattle. Pigs and Birds.

Products from animals are eventually sent to shops for human consumption.

Therefore, without our services to the feed mills that we deal with at the beginning, there would be a detrimental knock-on effect on the production of food for general consumption.

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