Maintaining Employee Skillset Is Paramount for ISF

schedule13th Jan 21


For ISF, it is vital to invest in people and skills, in order to continue providing a secure UK based supply of animal feeds for British industry.

ISF are a successful project engineering organization with over 30 years’ experience providing standard and bespoke solutions to clients in bulk materials processing across Yorkshire, the UK and more recently Europe. The focus of ISF’s operations is within the feed milling sector where they adopt a market-leading, problem-solving approach to help businesses improve and develop production efficiency and capabilities for the future. 

Specialising within the animal feed sector not only benefits those directly involved but also maintains a pivotal function within the national food chain by developing and retaining key engineering skills. Without businesses such as ISF, animal feed mills would not be able to operate in the long term or compete nationally or internationally.

This York-based company provides consultation, machinery and installation services to the animal feed milling industry. ISF customers process a range of raw materials and ingredients, from farms such as wheat, barley, soya, maize, beans, peas, etc. 

ISF engineer systems and solutions, from intake to output, including modifications to existing processes which allow various blends of products to be produced. These vary from basic meals to numerous sizes of pellets or rolls, that are pressed or extruded at high temperatures to eliminate bacteria. Finished products from the mills are then sent to farms or animal producers to feed cattle, pigs and poultry. 

The animal feed sector is growing at an average of 4.1% as of January 2018. Therefore, this industry is facilitating a growing opportunity for further expansion at ISF, as well as other organisations within the sector.  However, the prominent skills shortage within engineering that has been nationally recognised, poses a threat to the animal feed sector. 

The high level of skills and knowledge held by those currently working within the sector must be maintained in order for the sector to continue producing a secure UK based supply of animal feeds in the future.

As a company, ISF places great importance on attracting and retaining high-quality staff. There is constant investment in staff development, providing high-quality training and support for all employees, from health and safety through to wider industry knowledge and understanding, such as leadership and management development. 

ISF Project Manager David Hukins has been with the company since 2001, working his way from Apprentice Sheet Metal Worker, through Design to Project Manager. David said “ISF’s commitment to my support and training has given me confidence in my abilities as they have been heavily invested in my progress which has allowed me to secure a long-term career within the business”.

Ultimately, top-level skillset held by ISF’s employees is invaluable to this crucial sector and, therefore, facilitating personal growth of staff and preparing the business for the future is a wide-reaching and paramount demand.


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