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Everybody has heard of the phrase ‘Knowledge is power’, but what does it really mean? At ISF, we have taken this to mean that through sharing knowledge with our customers and suppliers, we can try to make our industry stronger as a whole. We don’t believe in withholding knowledge to gain an advantage.

But how have we done this?

As the industry evolves, naturally so do the rules that we are regulated by, meaning that we constantly need to be prepared for new guidelines with a contingency plan of how these will be executed.

Recently, ISF renewed their ‘EC Certificate of conformity for the Fabrication of Structural Steel. Execution Class 2’. We were proud to add yet another accreditation to the collection and it did get us thinking about how we as a company are proud of our conformity to regulation. We also feel it is important for our customers and suppliers to share the same values.

This is where we decided to share our knowledge of industry regulation with our customers and suppliers. We want everybody that we work with to understand the importance of regulation within the trade. If we can unite the businesses that make up such a strong industry, we can ensure maximum performance and therefore productivity.

We understand that everybody has to follow regulation on for legal purposes, but imagine how powerful the industry would be if people used these regulations to their advantages – tell your customers how well respected your company is; let them know how good you are at performing above and beyond industry standards. It really does make a big difference.

We truly believe that through seeing regulation as an opportunity instead of a restriction, we can all help our industry to evolve. We want to help others to see the benefits of conformity, not only for the convenience of avoiding legal penalties, but as positioning your business as one of high quality with the evidence to prove it.

If you would like to know more about our mission to share our regulatory knowledge, or to see other standards that ISF conform to, visit our website www.isfyork.com

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