ISF win SHAPA 2023 Innovation in Training and Development Award!

schedule11th May 23

We were absolutely thrilled to have been crowned as winners of the ‘Innovation in Training and Development’ at the SHAPA 2023 Solids Handling Industry Awards.

As a small company of 23 employees, we have invested an impressive £18,801 on training and development supplied by an approved external provider in the last year, meaning that on average, ISF employees receive almost £1000 of externally provided training on an annual basis.

We have no set budget for training and development, as we feel that developing our people and increasing our industry knowledge and skills, is a cost that shouldn’t be capped. If training is required it will be provided, and all requests are considered and welcomed.

We strongly believe that our commitment, investment, and innovation in this area is a big part of why 50% of ISF employees have been with the company for more than 15 years – and in fact, 60% of those have been with ISF for more than 20 years.

Our training philosophy and encouragement of our staff to expand their knowledge and multi-skill, is not only one of the core values at ISF, but also contributes to the longevity and future of the essential, niche industry in which we specialise – the animal feed milling engineering.

We are incredibly proud of all our team and delighted to have received such high praise and recognition for our commitment to developing our people.

 “The Judges were incredibly impressed with ISF’s passion, dedication and innovative approach to growing and developing their employees. Their application flew through and we were delighted to award the Innovation in Training and Development Award to such a well-deserved company – a true merit to the industry.” – Ian Birkinshaw, General Secretary at SHAPA

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